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Home Comfort

Our Total Home Comfort Solutions includes the sale, installation, and service of Energy Star certified HVAC equipment for your home. Thousands of customers across the USA and Canada trust us for hot water, central heating and cooling, climate control and energy saving equipment for their home or small business, as well as commercial energy management and renewable energy solutions.

EPPO works with local independent HVAC contractors who are hand picked for exceptional customer service, reliability, and professionalism, to supply and install your Energy Savings Equipment.

We favor community-based businesses with a vested interest in the local economy that hire from the local community, and service their fellow neighbors.

Customers receive Quality Equipment from Local Suppliers and the Industry’s Best Payment Plans.


Our energy segment includes the sale of protected-rate energy plans and services through EPPO that includes natural gas and electricity.  We have customers in California, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, Massachusetts, and many Provinces in Canada.

Our goal is to help you effectively manage your energy budget. We work alongside our commodity partners to help you avoid the uncertainty of market fluctuations by offering energy saving equipment, as well as helping you managed energy costs through, fixed-rate, fixed-term energy protection plans.

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