Darwin airport in Australia goes solar

The first stage of Darwin’s airport solar project is done.  The solar panels, 15,000 in total, are generating enough power to light up 1,000 homes.  When the project is completed the airport will be able to meet 100% of peak daily demand or 25% of over all usage.


Massachusetts Energy Grants, Rebates, Loans & Incentives

If you own a furnace, boiler, water heater, or air conditioner that is 15+ years old you may want to consider an upgrade.  You may qualify for State incentives here.


How much energy efficiency is Enough?

Trying to decide between a 92% efficient forced air furnace or a 96%?  Try our our Savings Calculator here.


Patent Pending

Today the Energy Price Protection Organization has applied for a patent to protect its system and technology for protecting energy prices for customers where no physical supply of energy is provided.


Electric Rates Will Skyrocket Under EPA Plan – Mississippi Energy Institute

A Guest Column by MEI President Patrick Sullivan recently published by the Clarion Ledger on 9/14/14
Mississippians should be aware of what’s brewing in a new proposal from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If implemented as planned, the added costs to Mississippi households, businesses, and the overall economy will be shocking. Hopefully, good sense will prevail, but we should not assume such.  READ MORE……


CTV News: Hydro Prices to increase Nov 1st, 2014

CTV News Toronto reports on the increase hydro prices.  See video here.
Rates are forecasted to increase over the next 20 years based on an internal Government Report.  The increase in rates are need to pay for mismanagement of the hydro network according to the NDP.  While the PC suggest its more to do with private generators profitting from Ontario’s system.


PECO Posts Official Prices to Compare, Residential PTC Up 8%, C&I Rates Also Higher

PECO has posted to its website updated Prices to Compare for the period to begin December 1.
As first reported by RetailEnergyX.com last week, PECO had filed updated generation supply adjustment rates last week, but updated PTCs (reflecting the addition of bypassable transmission and application of the state tax adjustment surcharge) were not immediately available at that time.
PECO’s residential Price to Compare will increase 8% to 8.90¢/kWh, from the current 8.25¢/kWh


Hydro rates in Ontario going up November 1, 2014

Today the Ontario Energy Board announced new electricity prices. The new prices
will apply to most households and small businesses starting November 1.
Rates will increase up to 3.5% for on-peak consumption.
When the prices change, the hours for mid-peak and on-peak prices also change to the winter time-of-use hours as well. The lowest-priced, off-peak period remains from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. on weekdays and all day weekends and holidays.


BC Hydro forecasts 26% increase in rates by 2016

BC Hydro customers could be facing a 26 per cent rate increase by 2016, according to a confidential document that was leaked to the media — but the government says the forecast increase has yet to be approved. You can view the video here.
The document says the rate increase is necessary to pay for roughly $1 billion in rising costs, including contracts with independent power producers and capital projects needed to meet increasing power demands.

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