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Power and Natural Gas prices are volatile regardless of where you live. Market forces will have an immediate affect or be delayed but you know they are coming. Many of today’s homeowners cannot afford nasty surprises on their Utility bill. If you are one of those homeowners then you need….

The Energy Price Protection Organization (EPPO) on your side.

Protect yourself against rising energy prices without hassle and obligation. You don’t need to switch suppliers with EPPO. Your Utility will continue to supply your needs, bill, and provide customer service.

The Way it Works

If Prices Go Up You’re Covered!

Save 5% below the Utility Rate with our Rate Buster Program. Plus protect yourself against rising energy prices with our Energy Lock Price Protection Plan. You don’t have to switch suppliers. Your default utility will deliver, bill, and provide electricity service.

Your monthly enrollment fee protects you against rising energy rates that your utility may pass on (subject to our terms and conditions) plus receive a Rate Relief payment based on your specific consumption volume every 6 months. You will receive a RATE RELIEF payment by Check or on your Credit Card.

During your protected period Rate Increases will be a Thing of Past!

Call Us Today to speak to one of our energy advisors at 1-877-311-4069

You receive a Enrollment Confirmation, Certificate, Protection Plan Terms and Conditions, and a Membership Card.

We’ve Got You Covered!

· 100% Transferrable if you move or relocate.
· 100% satisfaction.
· Hassle free cancellation policy.
· Simple enrolment process!
· Exclusive solution and technology

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