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In the event that we sign you up over the telephone, your verbal customer agreement is recorded and maintained on file for the term of your relationship with us. We will then mail or email you a copy of our Terms and Conditions within 30 days, for your records.


Under no circumstances will you be without natural gas or electricity. Until such times as you are Enrolled price spikes will not be covered.

We require 30 days advance notice if you are moving and, in most cases, our agreement goes with you.

Trying to anticipate the future price of energy is never easy, even for the professionals.  As a homeowner or business trying to time the market to maximize your savings can be costly if you fail.  This is why we designed our Price Protection Plan. The program allows you to lock in your energy price, and if you find that the price of energy has gone down you continue to receive the benefits of the lower price.

You can cancel at any time from the date of your Enrollment. Depending on the State or Province or Country you live in you may also have a ‘Cooling off period’ in which case your enrollment will not take affect until after this period.

For the same supply and demand forces, electricity prices are predicted to steadily incline. Spot prices fluctuate over greater variables than natural gas, and are based on consumption levels at various times of the day, week, or season. Most of us know what can happen when electricity demand exceeds our supply capacity and we have to import from neighbouring regions – short term prices soar! Long-term factors, such as economic and population growth across the country will mean increased demand that does not keep pace with production. The costs of refurbishing or replacing existing, aging power plants will also be factored into your future energy rates.

Simply put, competitive forces of supply and demand drive the price you pay. Short-term or “Spot” prices of gas fluctuate daily due to several factors, including weather and short-term disruptions like a hurricane or a deep freeze in a large gas producing region. Increases over the longer term are driven by growth in population, the economy and environmental policies implemented by government.

All offers and claims are made by EPPO which is not owned or affiliated your local utility.

Natural Gas: 

If you suspect a gas leak, get out of the vicinity immediately and call your local utility. They will advise you of safety precautions that you must follow and will attend the scene for emergency service. If you require service on your mechanical equipment to address the problem we would be please to dispatch a service mechanic.


In the event of a power outage, your local distribution company can assist you in determining the cause and magnitude of the situation. If you are, or a member of your family is in immediate danger, you are advised to seek emergency help from medical professionals. Your local authorities can provide you with information on what to do in the event of a long-term power outage.

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