HVAC Service

You will find the Direct Contact phone number for your current Service Provider printed on a label attached to your Equipment.


Quick local service is available on your EPPO Equipment.

Select one of the following Service Options:

  1. Call your installing contractor. (A label is affixed on the equipment)
  2. Call Customer Service Toll Free 1 877 311.4069 for information on Approved Providers in Your Area.
  3. Call any other service contractor of your choice! Pay for the service and submit your claim to the Claims Department.

Coverage Agreement

Your service coverage is governed by the Extended Warranty Coverage Agreement supplied to you. View a copy of the Agreement (Sample) or request a copy directly from EPPO.

What is or is not covered in the agreement?

Below is a brief overview of what is and is not covered. Please refer to the terms and conditions located on the Extended Service Agreement for a complete list of all conditions. View Sample Contract.

What is covered?

  • Breakage of covered equipment during normal operation.
  • All internal parts as shipped by the manufacturer and any additionally covered    accessories.
  • Your costs for parts and labour mark-up and applicable taxes.

What is NOT covered?

  • Normal maintenance.
  • Nuisance calls.
  • Overtime rates.
  • Damage as a result of abuse or natural disaster.
  • Maintenance or repairs resulting in a lack of proper maintenance.
  • Acts of God, war or terrorism, earthquake, flood, lightening, hurricane, etc.

Read your Rental Agreement – Click Here

Please read the Water Heater Rental Terms and Conditions carefully

HAVE QUESTIONS… please do not hesitate to call

1 877 311.4069


* Some limitations apply.  Damage caused by customer are not covered for service.  Repairs that are necessary because the equipment was used for a purpose not intended. Where venting or piping requires cleaning, repair or replacement is not covered. If existing venting or piping is not suitable for the installation or if changes are required to meet gas code requirements, additional installation and material costs will apply and are payable by the customer.  Response time to service request is subject to weather, technician availability, and other factors beyond our control. 

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