Kilgour Estate Condo


Project Type:
Energy Management System

Ontario, Canada

morEnergy Capital Corporation



Project Status
Start Date:
December, 2007
Total ERs:

Project details

In 1909 Joseph Kilgour established one of Bayview’s first country estates and started something special – a fine tradition of elegance and exclusivity.

Nearly a century later, The Daniels Corporation honoured this tradition by introducing Kilgour Estate. As expected, it has been an unprecedented success. Kilgour Estate is the most sought-after ravine community in Toronto, offering a luxurious collection of terrace condominium residences and Georgian-style townhomes. Overlooking the lush Burke Brook Ravine, this community is nestled on twelve acres of finely groomed estate lands set within the original Sunnybrook Farms.

The Daniels Corporation is a leading Canadian residential builder specializing in highrise condo developments. The company has made a commitment to an improvement in the energy efficiency of their builds through the use of many technologies including Energy Management Systems.

Kilgour, Phase 1, has received a sophisticated computer based energy management system designed to manage the energy equipment in the building. The EMS controls the operation of the lights in key areas, the fresh air fans for the garage area, the buildings make-up air systems, and the operation of other key system in an effort to optimize their operation and minimize the energy used.

The EMS has a key feature in the war against energy use, data logging.  Energy use data is key to the buildings management efforts which provide monthly reports and trend lines.


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Other social and environmental benefits and costs

Environmental benefits

  • Improvement in air quality such as reduction in volatile organic carbon emissions by off-setting coal power production.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions.

Social benefits

  • Benefits the City of Toronto by significantly reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Provides less strain on the electricity grid and the need to build more transmission lines.

Project’s ability to foster further greenhouse gas emission reductions

  • This project is unusual in that it uses a financial model that requires no up-front capital cost on the part of the host. We hope this project structure can be replicated elsewhere through this example.

Project’s environmental and social cost

  • There are no major environmental or social costs associated with this project.

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