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    Momit Bevel Smart Thermostat

    This Smart Thermostat is one of the best on the market. Easy to install, pays for it self in the first year. Utility rebates available. Features a unique Budgeting function that allows you to monitor your energy consumption so you can adjust your habits accordingly.

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    Momit Cool Smart Thermostat (Starter Kit)

    This Smart Thermostat is especially designed for homeowners with Split Systems. Now homeowners with ductless AC (or heat/cool) units can save energy and benefit from all the features of a Smart Thermostat. Purchase the Starter Kit and simply add devices to control every unit in your home!

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    Momit Cool Smart Thermostat Add-on Pod

    This is the Add-on Pod for the Momit Cool Smart Thermostat Starter Kit. Purchase additional Pods to attach to your other ductless ‘Heads’ to control every unit in your home!

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